5 Reasons To Date a Japanese Woman

Feb 12 2017
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Japanese women are naturally cute, funny, outgoing, and adventurous. They are usually rather short in height, love and enjoy anime, cartoons, good movies, and a good time. These are awesome traits for a guy that enjoys video games and anime, because a Japanese woman is a kind of girl you can hang out with, relax, and play together with.

If you’re looking to experience something new, a sweet woman who knows how to have a good time and take care of you, then Japan might be your next stop! Let’s check out 5 reasons why so many men come from all over the world to find and meet the Japanese woman of their dreams.

1. Japanese Women are Strong

If you’re considering visiting Japan or are interested in a Japanese woman there’s a lot to love. Japanese women are brought up strong, and because of this, it’s both a value they instill in your children, as well as when motivating and protecting you.

It’s not common in Western cultures to meet and date a woman that is comparably protective, and the cultural influences that make Japanese women so strong are unmatched. They are warriors at heart, and once you bond with one and marry you can rest assured she’ll follow you into anything and always be there for you and stand by your side. Which leads us to the next point.

2. Loving You for You

Japanese women are unique in that they’re considerably less materialistic than other Asian women, and especially women from countries like the United States. This is a very good trait to have, and unlike many women out there you can find comfort in knowing that your Japanese lover will stay by your side through thick and thin.

Women brought up in Japanese culture believe strongly in not only reputation but the courage and strength that comes along with making you the person that you are. Therefore, if you’re an honest, strong, and driven man the chances are you’ll find yourself very happy with a Japanese wife.

Japanese women consider their lover or husband to be a lifelong partner, and they honor this. Unlike most western cultures you don’t have to ever worry about her “getting tired” of you, or even worse cheating on you.

Japanese women not only aim to be please, but also be the best they can for you no matter what the circumstances. It doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are, but rather, how good of a husband and father you can be. Best of all, you can find comfort in knowing that your Japanese love will respect, admire, and support you by treating your extended family as her own.

3. A Love for Fun and Traveling

Japanese women love to have fun, adventure and meet new people. Because so many of them grow up with and continue living with their families into their 20’s or older, they are more commonly able to enjoy themselves and life’s luxuries. From cafes to the movies, traveling, the beach, and meeting new people are some of Japanese women’s favorite activities!

They also love making new friends, will be happy to meet yours, and are very accommodating. They won’t ever judge you, and will make it a point to get to know, like, and make memories with you and your friends too. Adaption is a big thing for Japanese women, and with true love, this bond and flexibility will be strengthened for the both of you – just make it a point to reciprocate in return kindly.

4. She’ll Always Have Your Back

Japanese women are not only full of pride but are also very courageous and strong for those they believe or things in life that they believe in. Unlike many women from the West you’ll find that Japanese women are much less confrontational, but also know how to stand up for themselves on their own.

If you’ve ever had an American or other western girlfriend and had experiences with her being sloppy at the bars, clubs, egging on other men to fight, or getting you in trouble this can all be a part of your past.

Japanese women do not conduct themselves in such ways, they have class, are disciplined, and intelligent. They will also defend you and your family’s honor, no matter the circumstances. Last but not least, you don’t ever have to worry about her talking bad about you behind your back, to her friends, or letting anyone else attempt to do so either without saying something and defending you with pride and love.

5. Fun When it Matters and Always Smart

While Japanese women are super sweet, pocket-sized and know how to smile and bring out the kid in you, they’re also quite intelligent and aware of the world around them. Japanese women are very hard workers and take their education seriously.

They are also very creative, outgoing, and best of all adore foreigners. Even better, they love English and most speak it fluently. If she doesn’t, don’t fret, chances are she’ll be more than enthusiastic to learn! To sweeten the deal try to brush up on your Japanese a little, or ask her to teach you – this will be nice bonding experience and make you all the smarter!

Dating a Japanese woman is lots of fun, and contrary to what a lot of people might think or say they’re quite open-minded and much more adventurous when out of the public eye. Japanese women are feminine and confident in their sexuality, although may be a little shy at first. They take very good care of themselves and always dress their best no matter what the occasion is, even if it’s just to the corner store.

Japanese women know that they’re beautiful, but rather than be conceited or “weaponize” their stunning looks they instead are filled with pride, strength, and experience. Don’t let their sweet personality, looks, or high-pitched voice fool you, they know how to hold their own ground. Best of all, Japanese women love romanticism, and because of this are very attracted to foreigners because most Japanese men do not treat them with the kind of love or chivalry they desire.