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Apr 01 2017

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Japanese women are some of the most elegant, feminine, and sincerest sweethearts you will ever meet in your life. From Tokyo to Osaka, Kyoto and Sapporo, Japan is full of bustling cities full of new foods, cultural differences, and lots of beautiful women.

Japan is full of delicious foods, new adventures, and the most presumably popular, such as rice, tempura, shabu-shabu, sushi, and Tonkatsu. Japanese women are tiny, petite, and full of bubbly energy, love to adventure, and take great pride in both their culture and femininity.

1) Learning how to read Japanese women

Often, when out on a date or while meeting a new Japanese woman of your interest they are typically quite shy. Japanese women also have a reputation for being indirect, sensitive to both themselves and you, and do not have a reputation or habit of saying no.

While at the same time Japanese women do love to receive attention, affection, and flirtation from men, this does not mean that every Japanese woman will be interested in you, and it’s not hard to misread her intentions or desires.

Some Japanese women respond best to blunt, direct statements or advances, but others will not. It’s critical that you feel out the Japanese woman you’re interested in, learn and understand her as a person, her culture, and what she does or doesn’t like.

It’s important to understand that often, in comparison to other Asian women that Japanese women can be especially flaky. Try not to take it personally, as Japanese women take great pride in their appearance, so if they’re tired, in a bad mood, or the weather outside is unfriendly they may very well cancel your plans at the last minute.

In Japan this is known as “dotakyan”, and it’s not by any means uncommon for first time dates with your Japanese woman or lover. What’s the best way to tell whether or not you’re Japanese woman is truly interested in you?

Likely quick replies to text messages, her showing a genuine interest in you by calling you, communication in general, and of course, her not being tardy or avoiding your advances and date offers.

2) Learn their “language of love” to up your chances

For visiting anywhere in the world, but especially Asian countries and Japan, learning a few phrases along the way never hurt anybody. In fact, the more Japanese phrases or vocabulary you have, the better you’ll be able to communicate.

While plenty of Japanese women do speak and understand English, not all are fluent. It’s also worth understanding that if you really want to emotionally understand and have a long-term, valuable relationship with open communication that speaking her native language is essential.

Also, learning Japanese will increase your understanding of their culture, how they express their emotions (see body language below), and what or why they act the ways they do.

Even if you don’t know any Japanese or only speak a little, facial expressions and hand gestures go a long way. Of course, avoid being aggressive, and instead use basic emotions and expressions to let your Japanese girlfriend know how you’re feeling, or if you’re ‘into her’.

Hand gestures also help, but take your time, be patient, and most importantly make sure you smile. Dating a Japanese woman doesn’t have to be an unpleasant or difficult experience. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be a little physical with a simple hand on her back, hand rub, touch her face, give hugs, but take your time going in for the first kiss.

People from Japan and women in particular happen to be very nice, and as we’ve mentioned might find it hard to say no, so take your time, bring your Japanese woman of interest on dates, fun places, and just be yourself! (see more on this below)

3) Don’t be afraid to be the real you

Being a foreigner in Japan is by no means a bad thing. You’re different, unique, and expectations for you by Japanese women will vary, but typically it consists of holding you with great regard.

Chivalry is not typically very common among Japanese men and women, so if this is your area of “expertise”, definitely don’t hesitate to demonstrate those traits. Japanese women will absolutely enjoy and adore you for it, but just make sure you’re not demeaning her in any way or “pacifying” her in a way that she might find offensive.

Japanese women in particular usually happen to be rather well off or wealthy, and because of this are not afraid to “go Dutch” with you for the bill on dates, a casual coffee, or other outings. This however does not mean it’s impossible or impractical to treat her sometimes, just make sure you’re reading your Japanese lover the right ways.

Japanese women love to feel special, and flattering them with ways you would do back home but don’t necessarily work are actually likely to be applied successfully here. Again, being yourself goes a long way, and treating her with both respect and affection can be effective as well.

4) Being forward is being smart

Japanese women not only admire a confident man, but in particular appreciate a man who makes the first moves, and does so with both respect and care. Japanese women tend to be very shy, so making the first move with text messages, phone calls, or making plans is the norm here.

While Japanese women don’t necessarily expect or desire an over-zealous, macho, or “alpha male”, they do per their culture expect you to pull the weight in the relationship. Japanese women also happen to find it very attractive if you’re not only mentally strong, but also physically – such as picking things up for her, moving heavy things, or even a fun and spontaneous piggyback ride.

Strength mentally is also very appealing to Japanese women, so don’t be afraid to let her know about your career involvement or pursuit, aspirations for higher education, and any other independent-style endeavors and success you’ve had in your life.

It’s not so much “gold digging” as it is both curiosity, and offering her an inside look as to your stability and confidence – to consider the potential of being her future mate or husband.

5) Japanese women love to dance and have fun, but are NOT alcoholics

this is a last but not least very important thing to keep in mind when hanging out with, courting, or dating a Japanese girl. They are extremely energetic, optimistic, and are typically happy people but are not the most conditioned drinkers by any means.

In fact, most Japanese women and people in general do not have a reputation or much experience with getting drunk or having more than they can handle. This is typically due to their beliefs of strength in reputation, and maintaining ones integrity.

So, be classy, be reasonable, and be responsible. Your Japanese girlfriend will find it attractive, and in turn likely trust you more too. The Japanese are not afraid to have a few shots with dinner or for fun, but do not mistake this as being, or willing to be a party animal. And if you do, expect a likely bad outcome, possibly poor experience, and even wind up having your Japanese girlfriend looking at you in a negative light because of it.

Japanese women are naturally cute, funny, outgoing, and adventurous. They are usually rather short in height, love and enjoy anime, cartoons, good movies, and a good time. These are awesome traits for a guy that enjoys video games and anime, because a Japanese woman is a kind of girl you can hang out with, relax, and play together with.

If you’re looking to experience something new, a sweet woman who knows how to have a good time and take care of you, then Japan might be your next stop! Let’s check out 5 reasons why so many men come from all over the world to find and meet the Japanese woman of their dreams.

1. Japanese Women are Strong

If you’re considering visiting Japan or are interested in a Japanese woman there’s a lot to love. Japanese women are brought up strong, and because of this, it’s both a value they instill in your children, as well as when motivating and protecting you.

It’s not common in Western cultures to meet and date a woman that is comparably protective, and the cultural influences that make Japanese women so strong are unmatched. They are warriors at heart, and once you bond with one and marry you can rest assured she’ll follow you into anything and always be there for you and stand by your side. Which leads us to the next point.

2. Loving You for You

Japanese women are unique in that they’re considerably less materialistic than other Asian women, and especially women from countries like the United States. This is a very good trait to have, and unlike many women out there you can find comfort in knowing that your Japanese lover will stay by your side through thick and thin.

Women brought up in Japanese culture believe strongly in not only reputation but the courage and strength that comes along with making you the person that you are. Therefore, if you’re an honest, strong, and driven man the chances are you’ll find yourself very happy with a Japanese wife.

Japanese women consider their lover or husband to be a lifelong partner, and they honor this. Unlike most western cultures you don’t have to ever worry about her “getting tired” of you, or even worse cheating on you.

Japanese women not only aim to be please, but also be the best they can for you no matter what the circumstances. It doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are, but rather, how good of a husband and father you can be. Best of all, you can find comfort in knowing that your Japanese love will respect, admire, and support you by treating your extended family as her own.

3. A Love for Fun and Traveling

Japanese women love to have fun, adventure and meet new people. Because so many of them grow up with and continue living with their families into their 20’s or older, they are more commonly able to enjoy themselves and life’s luxuries. From cafes to the movies, traveling, the beach, and meeting new people are some of Japanese women’s favorite activities!

They also love making new friends, will be happy to meet yours, and are very accommodating. They won’t ever judge you, and will make it a point to get to know, like, and make memories with you and your friends too. Adaption is a big thing for Japanese women, and with true love, this bond and flexibility will be strengthened for the both of you – just make it a point to reciprocate in return kindly.

4. She’ll Always Have Your Back

Japanese women are not only full of pride but are also very courageous and strong for those they believe or things in life that they believe in. Unlike many women from the West you’ll find that Japanese women are much less confrontational, but also know how to stand up for themselves on their own.

If you’ve ever had an American or other western girlfriend and had experiences with her being sloppy at the bars, clubs, egging on other men to fight, or getting you in trouble this can all be a part of your past.

Japanese women do not conduct themselves in such ways, they have class, are disciplined, and intelligent. They will also defend you and your family’s honor, no matter the circumstances. Last but not least, you don’t ever have to worry about her talking bad about you behind your back, to her friends, or letting anyone else attempt to do so either without saying something and defending you with pride and love.

5. Fun When it Matters and Always Smart

While Japanese women are super sweet, pocket-sized and know how to smile and bring out the kid in you, they’re also quite intelligent and aware of the world around them. Japanese women are very hard workers and take their education seriously.

They are also very creative, outgoing, and best of all adore foreigners. Even better, they love English and most speak it fluently. If she doesn’t, don’t fret, chances are she’ll be more than enthusiastic to learn! To sweeten the deal try to brush up on your Japanese a little, or ask her to teach you – this will be nice bonding experience and make you all the smarter!

Dating a Japanese woman is lots of fun, and contrary to what a lot of people might think or say they’re quite open-minded and much more adventurous when out of the public eye. Japanese women are feminine and confident in their sexuality, although may be a little shy at first. They take very good care of themselves and always dress their best no matter what the occasion is, even if it’s just to the corner store.

Japanese women know that they’re beautiful, but rather than be conceited or “weaponize” their stunning looks they instead are filled with pride, strength, and experience. Don’t let their sweet personality, looks, or high-pitched voice fool you, they know how to hold their own ground. Best of all, Japanese women love romanticism, and because of this are very attracted to foreigners because most Japanese men do not treat them with the kind of love or chivalry they desire.

International dating often includes misconceptions, especially when men are looking for women to marry. When you have some facts, it can be a better experience. It is a good way to find your future wife.

One of the most common myths is all Japanese women are very submissive. While it is true Japanese women have grown up in a culture where respect is extremely important, this does not mean your new bride will be a doormat. In fact, she may have career goals, and want to be treated as an equal.

The notion that Japanese women are not selective in who they date or marry is also fiction. She may not place as much emphasis on unimportant issues, but this does not mean she has no standards. Confidence and manners are characteristics to cultivate if you are interested in a Japanese bride.

Another common myth is that all Japanese women basically look the same. You may be thinking of a girl who is petite and slender, with beautiful dark eyes and long hair.

However, this one popular stereotype does not represent every single Japanese woman. Japanese women can be nearly as diverse as women from any other country. A woman may be plump or even obese, and not exactly what you expect.

The idea that most Japanese women who want Western men are only after their money is fiction. She may be looking for a secure, comfortable life, but is not likely to be a gold-digger.

If your priorities include a lovely home and a pleasant home life, this is one reason to consider a Japanese bride. Even women who have careers of their own generally take pride in keeping a nice home. Modern Japanese women who do not focus solely on housekeeping in their homes still make their homes a nice place for their husbands and families. Home and family are high priorities for Japanese women.

Japanese Mail Order Brides – Fact vs Fiction also covers the woman’s family. Some Western men feel dating and marriage is solely between themselves and the woman they are considering.

One aspect of Japanese culture that has not changed in the modern era is women are still family-oriented. Closeness and respect for her parents and other elders means you cannot afford to dismiss this trait.

Even if you do not have the opportunity to meet your date’s parents in person, you must be willing to demonstrate respect. In addition, if you marry the girl she will be leaving her family behind. Try to make the transition easier for her, and do not try to eliminate her family from her life.

If you are engaging in international dating for the purpose of marriage, be considerate and honest. Look at it as inviting a woman to share your life. She will be leaving everyone and everything familiar when she enters your country to begin a life with you.

If you treat the women you meet with dignity and respect, you can find the woman who is perfect for you.

With the variety of dating sites available online today, dating in Japan has become quite easy. In fact, with the introduction of the dating sites, a great number of Japanese singles have been able to meet partners who match their individual interests.

One of the dating sites dominated by Japanese singles is Japancupid.com. Based on the testimonials of those who have had an experience of logging into the site, it is one of the best platforms that any man who is interested in meeting a foreign woman should visit without hesitation.

Currently, the site has lots of Japanese singles from which you are able to choose the one that suits your needs. Apart from just the names, you are also able to obtain comprehensive information including the photos of the ladies so that you can make the right choices.

Remember that across the cupid Media network alone, the site already has got over 20 million customers. This is enough proof that by visiting the site, you will never fail to meet the woman of your dreams. Besides, the site also has got thousands of singles ladies who are just waiting for your beckon.

Whenever you visit the site, all you need to do in order to stay connected is to sign up. This basically means that you provide information about yourself so that you can be easily spotted by the ladies. The sign up process is quite easy since they are already provisions whereby you only need to fill in your personal details.

With that, you will become a member of the site and able to get unlimited access to the variety of Japanese singles. After you have been registered as a member, you are able to log into the site at any time that you need and from anywhere that you are in the world.

When you sign up at the site to start dating in Japan, there are other several opportunities that you are able to enjoy like access to chats, emails, video, instant messaging features among others. These are some of the most convenient ways through which you can be able to communicate with the soul mate that you have identified from the site.

Going by the experiences of others who have dated from the site, there are potentialities that you may just be on the right track to obtaining a life partner. In fact, for the best way to find Japanese singles, visit http://www.japancupid.com/ today!

Everyone is trying to find their perfect soul mate with whom they can spend the rest of their lives with.  In this day and age, everyone has a job or possibly more than one, so who really has time to date? Thanks to the creation of the World Wide Web, people can now do electronically what they cannot do in person, and that is find a date!

Are you interested in finding a Japanese girl?  You are in luck because there are some great Japanese online dating websites you can visit.  Here is a list of some benefits of trying to find a woman this way.

Be honest:   If you are going to represent yourself on the dating website, then use a recent picture of you.  You need to be honest about who you are, and what you look like. Nothing can ruin a relationship before it even gets off the ground faster if one of you is not being honest about who you are really are.

Your dating profile:  You don’t want to have to sit there and fill out the dating profile, you want to dive right in and find yourself a date.  Despite the fact you really don’t want to fully complete your profile, it is necessarily and if you want to be matched up with the right kind of woman or man you have to put in all the necessary information.   Think of it this way, you only have to completely fill the profile out just one time, and after that you might only need to do updates, which don’t take long.

You are who you are:  When you finally do make contact with someone, and want to talk to them, don’t pretend to be someone else.  If you are going to answer anything you get from someone, just pretend you are sitting face to face with that person.

Information overload:  While it is important to completely fill out your profile, you don’t want to have so much information your profile is threatening to explode.  Yes fill the profile out, but don’t put so much information that you might overwhelm someone looking at it.  Do you want to come off as some kind of ego maniac that can’t stop talking about him or herself?

The first move:  In this modern 21st century, the roles of men and women are not the same as they were back in the time of your parents and grandparents.  If you are a woman, than it is okay for you to make the first move, especially if you find a profile you really like and want to contact this person.

Read the profiles over carefully:   Did you find a profile of someone that you are interested in? Don’t just be taken back by the picture of this mystery man or woman, go to the profile and read over everything carefully.  The last thing you want is to embarrass yourself by not reading something that he or she later asks you about.

In this wonderful modern technological age, people are busy, and often do not have the time to date in a traditional sense.  To help make those love connections, a lot of people are turning to online dating.  Though it may seem a bit strange at first, you will soon discover how much fun it is finding that man or woman that will make your life complete.

Society has changed. Love and security are necessary for every human being simply because we are social creatures and we need someone to spend our life with.

The only way we can meet that significant other is through dating and all us have gone through that rigmarole. But men and women are never at the same time in the relationship calendar. What if the person you like is not interested in a long term relationship? Or what if they don’t really want to get married?

You don’t have to go through all that if you find a person who is already geared for marriage. Japanese mail order brides are interested in marriage and for that reason, lovely, educated and intelligent women enroll themselves at legitimate websites to meet available men.

Does it really matter if the person is from another culture and another country? Not really, the ethos of mail order brides has changed considerably in recent years. It’s no longer taboo to consider mail order brides or even Japanese mail order brides as feasible life partners.

Think about it, traditionally, in Japanese society, women were married through arranged marriages to men they had never met. For them an arranged marriage is just normal and so should it be for you. Japanese women may also be tired of simple Japanese culture, expensive lifestyles and intensive work schedules of Japan. If you like Japanese culture and would like to meet a lovely, educated, cultured woman, then you should consider mail bride websites which are seriously geared towards marriage.

Japan is a very ancient culture with more than 150 years of tradition. Women were and are still considered the primary home caretakers and they still have a very traditional role to play in Japanese society. As a result, they still consider men to be their providers and you are be assured that you will have a woman who loves you, will care for you and even make you a beautiful family with children.

What Should a Good Foreign Bride Website Offer?

You will have to find a website that guarantees the anonymity of both the men and the women at the website. You should be able to connect with many women after seeing their photos. Talk to each woman for at least three to six months and then call her to interact with her. Don’t really expect their English to be good. After getting in touch with her, you can choose to travel to Japan and meet the woman face to face. Please do ensure that you follow this step so that the woman on the photograph and woman that you meet are the same.

Make sure that you spend at least a month connecting with her. Reliable and trustworthy sites will then ask you sign a contract about your marriage intentions and what would happen in the future if you are forced to divorce. This is very important as you will be taking your bride to your country to reside with you. If you divorce, you should be able to financially provide for her.

You will also have to meet her parents and her family to assure them of your good intentions. Family is extremely important in Japan and they do have a substantial say in approving or disproving you as a mate for their daughter.

Most mail order sites are very reliable and they will ensure that you get beautiful women to be your bride. However, do be careful. Make sure that you do not share your banking details, address or any other valuable information online. Do not send any money anywhere irrespective of the how sad the story sounds and in case of any problems, write to the website immediately informing them about problems.

Mail order brides have been around for centuries. Back in the 1800’s when Asian men went to work the frontier regions and when American men headed out west to develop the land they found that they were missing the company of a wife and would send for one to come join them.

Some women would advertise themselves and a man could then pick her out and send for her. The trend recently has turned towards women in well developed countries sending for mail order husbands from lesser developed countries.

There are many companies called international marriage agencies who specialize in introducing men and women for the purpose of marriage from other countries. Japanese mail order brides are popular options for Japanese men who don’t have women in their area from the same cultural background and also for women to get out of the situations that they are currently in and find a new life. Courtship usually involves writing letters back and forth until the woman agrees to marry the man.

There are risks associated with being a mail order bride along with a lot of positive possibilities. The risks include marrying an abusive husband or just finding out after you say I do that you don’t have anything in common. Marriage agencies can help eliminate the risks with the background checks that they perform on every man looking for a bride. There have been countless couples united happily after using a marriage agency.

Japanese mail order brides are often thought of as extremely exotic, attractive and typically well groomed and the ideal mail order bride. Many of the women who advertise to find a husband are well educated beautiful women. Most women in Japan are willing to relocate to another country due to the hardships of living in Japan.

Japanese women make a fraction of what the men make even with as much education and training as their male counterparts. Japan is far behind the times in regards to women being treated as equal to men in both the workplace and home.

Japanese women love their children and want them to grow up independent and strong. They will sacrifice their jobs for their offspring. Even before marriage they will make choices to help their future children have the best that they can offer to them. Relocating to another country has many benefits both for the women and their future generations.

Where to Begin Your Search

There is an endless list of dating agencies at your disposal. All you have to do is search for the one with the right services. You will have the option to choose from a paid dating agency or a free one. Both of them will connect you to the right Japanese lady for you and it’s just a matter of choosing the one that serves you the best.

Social network websites are also a great place to go seeking for a Japanese lady to connect with. From here you get the opportunity to contact them and share your thoughts about different things. Many people have ended up with the women of their dreams after meeting their soul mates on the Internet.

Japanese Brides – What to Expect

The Japanese are very cultural people and their weddings can be very traditional. A Japanese wedding can be Buddhist, Christian or Shinto depending on the people getting married. Some weddings are completely non-religious but will still be rich in culture.

The Shinto style weddings are the most common and take place mostly in shrines. These are usually private events that only allow close friends and family to attend. The Japanese brides usually put on a Kimono, white in color, and a Shiromuku for a wedding dress.

The groom will usually have on a black Kimono, a Montsuki and Hakama. The wedding consists of many traditional rituals which are meant to tie the newly weds and also family members from both parties together.

Japanese weddings are both colorful and joyous occasions that will warm your heart. Japanese people have a way of making these kinds of events very memorable and you are sure to have fun. If your dream is to find a Japanese lady to marry, it is only safe to learn a thing or two about their cultures and traditions. This will not only help you appreciate your bride’s history but will also earn you points when searching for a Japanese lady.